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Dragonfly: New AI Agent engine based only on Perception

Here’s a preview of the completely new AI agent engine in Dragonfly. We’re really excited about it. For a couple reasons….

The first is that this AI engine is based only on perception, i.e. what the agent “sees” in a given frame. No navigation meshes, no looking around corners – just raycasting. This means that you don’t need to preprocess your geometry at all: simply drop in the agents and let them go….

The second is that they go up (and down…)  ramps! This may seem fairly trivial, but we actually found it to be quite tricky without nav meshes or preprocessing. How do you know what a ramp is? When do you go up one? When on one, why do you keep going?




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Density Plots

Here’s a plot of a 2×20 agents starting from different points, with different goals, interacting¬†with a floor plan. When you take a way the plan, the density diagram is pretty interesting!

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