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Dragonfly WIP screenshots

The goal with Dragonfly is to provide a digital environment that simulates human interaction with architecture before it has been built. While this goal is probably unattainable, its pursuit will hopefully shed some light on this very important aspect of design. Initially, Dragonfly was meant to be an add on to Grasshopper but after our first proof of concept models, we had a really hard time getting the functionality we needed in the GH (and Rhino) environment. So we switched gears completely, and decided to design a standalone application. Which is exciting, but a whole lot of work….

Anyway, since Dragonfly will be presented at ACADIA 2011, I can’t give away too many details, but so far we’ve completely revamped the agent control system (they’re much smarter now…relatively speaking), setup a custom 3d environment (developed in Unity), and introduced a separate first person mode…

Here are some screenshots….





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