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SPM Vector Components: Update

So, I realize that this is the third release of the SPM plugin in 7 days, but since we won’t be able to work on the project for a week or two, we thought it best just to get it out there…

In this release:

  • Added a boundary Brep option in the settings component. Very useful for clipping the integral  lines
  • Added two orbit detection parameters: distance and angle. If not zero, then these determine how closely the position and direction of a given step in the integration must match the initial point before the orbit snaps to being closed. Very useful for maintaining stable simulations.
  • Added a utility that acts on the output of either the dynamic or static integrator. If orbit detection is turned on, then you’ll want to sort the lists of integrated points in to lists of closed and open curves….this utility does exactly that. You may need to remove null trees from the list.

And that’s it for now…I’ll work on getting some examples of these new functions in the near future. Download it here…


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SPM Vector Components: New Release!

New features:

  • Added a “Settings” Component which allows you to tweak the integration component. Most of what we implemented are checks that stop the integral line (winding number still to come…), and the default values work in most cases
  • Added an “Interpolation” factor in the “Settings” Component which computes an expected vector between the sample points. This allows you to get integral curves on even a very coarse sampling space – however, you lose accuracy. Use with caution!
  • Dynamic Simulation Compute can now simulate multiple flows at once
  • Under the hood, the whole project has been restructured (and rewritten!) to accomodate further development…

Download it here…, or join the discussion.


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New SPM Grasshopper component: Vector Field Integration

Here’s our take at a GH component that finds the integral lines of 2d or 3d vector fields.

The way it works is very simple: you give it a list of sample points and associated vectors (1 vector for each sample point) and a start point, and it flows that start point along the vector field up to a specified iteration limit and step size. The advantage to having a generalized component like this is that along with things like principal curvature lines, it can also compute paths guided by isovists and visibility algorithms.

Download it here. Written by Chris Walsh and Daniel Hambleton.

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Smart Geometry Workshop Project

I had the great pleasure of working with some fantastic people at SG2011. Our team consisted of :

  • Mark Cabrinha
  • Michael Drobnik
  • Alvin Huang
  • Daniel Hambleton

And here’s what we built (Thanks Michael for the pics!):

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Words I found interesting at SG2011…

There were, of course, many other words I found interesting, but these stood out in particular. I’m especially interested by the challenge of how a structural engineering practice can be a part of the open source and data creation communities without giving away so-called “trade secrets”….

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